If you need money fast, you can bring your unwanted gold jewelry to Ima Gold Buyer, we will pay the highest prices possible for your...


We Buy Silver bullion, jewelry, silver bars, silver collections, silver flatware, silver tea sets, silver coins, even silver bullets and much more.


If you have antique, estate or designer jewelry and need money fast, Ima Gold Buyer is the place to go for a fair, in-person appraisal to sell jewelry...



We buy and sells a wide array of U.S. and foreign coins, gold and silver coins, rare coins. We won't find better prices on coins in Salt Lake City.


If you need money FAST, you can bring us your unwanted diamond jewelry for an immediate purchase, cash for diamonds.

How we set our prices

We set our prices daily and reflect the current market rate of gold. For coin purchases, we pay up to 95% of market rate. For jewelry, we pay between 70% and 80% of market rate in order to make up the difference for refining cost. The tables to the right shows today’s prices for gold and silver.

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Ima Gold Buyer  is Salt Lake City’s

premier precious metals buyer. We will buy any item that contains gold, silver and platinum. In order to answer common questions we have included a list of things we do buy. However, note that this list is not complete and does not include everything we buy!

Items we purchase

  • Yellow gold jewelry 
  • White gold jewelry 
  • Silver Jewelry 
  • Silverware  
  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins 
  • East Indian gold 
  • Asian gold 
  • Broken gold  
  • Dental gold
  • Gold nuggets 
  • Wedding gold 
  • Gold bars 
  • Placer gold 
  • and more…..

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